25 August 2009

Client: H&C.
Last Tuesday was our big shoot - 12 people were involved. We used 3 rooms at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London (started at eight a.m. and finished at about half six.) I had the pleasure of using the Nikon D3X on this shoot; I also had a set of Bowens with me and was assisted by my lovely friend Morgyn. Our shoot was called 'After Hours' and will be in store this Friday and in magazines/newspapers across London and Germany.
Behind the scenes thanks to Morgyn.

Director: Chirag Patel
Directors Assistant: Stacy Anderson
Photographer's Assistant: Morgyn Edwards
Male Model: James Farrel
Male Model: Alwyn Du Preez
Male Model: Tom Reader
Female Model: Zoe Onions
Female Model: Simona Ricarda
Makeup: Natalie Guest
Hair Stylist: Akio Nishyama
Hair Stylist Assistant: Noriko Takayama