30 December 2009

It’s the end of the year.
From 2010, I will have had this Journal going for 4 years. Before that I had another Live-journal for 2 years during high-school, but I deleted it before starting one about my photography.
So people on the radio were asking us to think about what we have achieved in the last 10 years, and it got me thinking about the last decade. 10 years ago I was twelve and I'd moved to the Isle of Wight, I spent my teenage years there before moving to London. My mother has recently sold her house on the Island at the end of our 10 years there, so I guess this is the end of an era.

In the past year I feel like I've achieved a lot;
I finished my degree.
Our flat was finished.
I shot 4 major advertising campaigns through London and Germany.
I had a lot of work published in magazines and had a 5 page article written about me in a photography magazine.
I gained Ghost as a client.
I went to China and met Pandas.
I started my cookbook.
And lastly I discovered how to use IR after 4 years of wondering how.