15 April 2010

I realised I haven't updated in a while when it comes to work, its not that I haven't been doing much - I've had some exciting stuff happening. The last few weeks have been a bit of a pain, shoots have been moved left right and centre and I've been getting so confused about what I'm doing and with which team. I have two publications coming out with editorials I've shot and also two magazine covers, which is exciting. I have done 3 separate test shoots for Ghost, one location, one studio and one for their optical range. Yesterday we shot the big shoot for the optical range, which is going into Boots stores around the country. I also have to shoot their homeware at some point and stuff for their look book. Im going to the Isle of Wight tomorrow and when I come back on Monday night I will have an ad campaign for my other client on the Tuesday, which Im looking forward to. A couple days ago I came down with something, yesterday I thought I had a chest infection and was coughing all though the shoot, finding it difficult to breath. Last night I got delusional and couldn't sleep and this morning I lost my hearing and part of my vision. I got really sick and almost fainted...still had to go into work though. I didn't stay long, I picked up my camera and the images and edited from home. Im really hoping to be a bit better for tomorrow because travelling for half a day with a bunch of stuff is not fun when you are sick.