11 August 2010

I love the Isle of Wight, everything is so carefree and relaxed - every time I visit I wish I didn’t have to leave. It's odd growing up in the middle of no where, I always felt like I was missing out, now when I go there I socialise more than when I am in London. I have so many friends there, the weather is always nice because its so far south, you can drive around on roads where there is no one else and listen to music loud. I want to buy a little cottage with a fireplace and live the relaxed comfortable life, doing lots of odd jobs like repairing furniture, teaching, making websites and taking photos.
Friday was the last day of the island's sailing festival 'Cowes week'. There were thousands of people and I met up with some friends. We went to the beach to have some drinks and watch fireworks, then I stumbled back to my moms yacht club on the other side of Cowes and promptly fell asleep in her car until she was ready to leave (she had been cooking BBQ food all evening.)
On Saturday I did a shoot at my moms friends farm up the road from her house.
On Sunday I picked up my friend Hannah and we went to the beach. I took some photos of her and we also had wine and cheese. We then cooked food that later I took photos of.