25 August 2010

Monday I had a shoot in Hyde Park, it was sort of an impulse thing. Often I have my shoots planned for a while, but after finding a really great location shoot I decided to try and organise another before the summer was over. The model was from Germany, the makeup artist was coming in from abroad, and we also had a stylist and designer.

The night before I lay awake listening to it rain all night thinking, "I'm going to have to cancel this." To my surprise the next morning, the ground was damp but the sun was out and it remained that way until lunchtime. I waited at the station for the rest of the team and watched the beautiful sun disappear behind thick dark clouds as it begin to rain. It poured down - we were all soaked and it took 4 hours to find somewhere dry to do makeup and hair, by which time we were losing light and I was starting to feel like I could no longer be bothered. I shot 8 outfits in 1 hour for fear it would pour again and was done by just after 5. In the end I was so happy with how they turned out! The team was amazing and that makes all the difference.

I’m starting to feel so much happier and confident in my style. For a long time it took me awhile to feel like I loved every image in my portfolio as much as the next but I really feel so much more content with my work.

Today was my H&C A/W2010 shoot. This was my ninth ad campaign for this company so I felt pretty calm. However, I ran into a problem in the morning when I discovered that full frame Nikon cameras are not compatible with their new range of FX lenses - the only way you can use the two together is to use something called ‘DX Crop’ which crops the image to half the size. I had always used my older lens when I rented this camera in the past but thought it would be nice to use my father’s new FX lens. Philip came to my rescue and brought my old lens all the way to the shoot for me, so I could continue to shoot at full resolution. It was an important lesson to learn about Nikons as I am upgrading my camera and lens soon and I will need to make sure that everything is compatible when I do.
I also got an email that told me I would be on the cover of a magazine next month. I knew I would be getting an editorial of two of my shoots but they chose one of the images for the cover, this will be my second cover and I am so pleased.