9 November 2010

Recently my want for moving back to the countryside has become all I think about. Philip and I talk about getting out of London on a regular basis. When we come home from work and collapse on the sofa we imagine having a place of our own. I want to be back where there are no street lamps and have chickens in the garden, where there is no chewing gum on the streets and people say hello to you when you pass.

I thought about the old abandoned houses in France during the summer with the fruit growing from trees, ducks wandering around the yard and an overgrown vegetable patch - I would love to live in one of those. I would have my own grape vine which I can make home made wine from. I'd have a little cat with long hair and Max could play outside a lot more. I don't just want to live in a village; I want to live as far away from civilisation as possible, like how I grew up. I wont watch the news or read news papers so the media wont be able to depress me. I can take walks at night and look up at the sky. I miss the stars in London; all you can see here is the orange glow of light pollution. I never thought I would take so much to the countryside but I did in every way.