15 December 2010

I sit in a jazz restaurant called New Orleans in Germany. I can see the snow falling heavily on the cars and people outside. Through the large windows along the front, people walk in the dim street light, keeping their heads down to protect their faces from the snow and side winds. Cars have large amounts of snow piled on top - I wonder if it will affect the flights.

I pick up my brandy glass of water off the dark oak table and look around. Around the dimly candle lit room there are a few people sitting at tables and a couple at the bar listening to the jazz. The place is classy, with an old gramophone at the bar and vintage metal alcohol brand posters on the wall. It’s our last day in koln - this is the type of place I’d like to take Phil. A band are set up, I can see a female singer and a guy with a double bass from where I sit; later a man joins them on piano. The waitress is very beautiful, she has dark hair and brows, she looks like she is Native American decent and speaks to us in the little English she knows. The man behind the bar is well dress and of Chinese orient. I order something that I think might be a flat bread pizza but I am unsure until I receive it. It looks cold outside - I could sit here all night drinking and listening to the music.

Today we visited a park, it had a thick blanket of snow and people were walking their dogs. I could hear the noisy chatter of birds in the trees and recognised the sound. It was a green parakeet usually native to the Himalayans, we have them where I live in west London - for some bizarre reason the tropical birds took well to our climate, clearly they took well here too. Later I walked around the city seeing my work in the windows of a store, and took a last look around the Christmas markets before finally going back to the hotel and sleeping through the afternoon. I find it so difficult so sleep when I travel.