31 December 2010

The Isle of Wight has some really beautiful French style home ware stores. I had a big list of things from these stores for Christmas, including a heart wire fruit bowl, wine rack and bird cage which I will decorate with some white ribbon and faux flowers from my sister. For Christmas I also received some cute lace hangers, decorative hankies and a little kit for making your own scented heart. My friend Becky gave me a panda shower cap and a sweet little frame that she had made for me. I also received some lovely books from Lauren and Ash, an Audrey Hepburn book from my father and landscape from my mother. As well as some fresh water pearls from my father and little cookie cutters, a monsoon compact and matching key ring which I love because its art deco and a wine selection from my sisters boyfriend. Then also some fresh water pearl earrings and an IKEA gift card because IKEA makes me happy, a bread maker from Martin, Angie and Philip and a Simon’s cat calendar from Ash & Lauren, some Mac makeup & perfume from Philip and lastly a beautiful Laura Ashley photo album from Philip because I wanted to start printing photos of my family and friends to look through. Thank you to everyone I love including my mother whom most of the things on the list were from, love you all.