27 September 2011

The morning chill in the air indicated that another long winter approached. Part of me very much enjoys the winter; the other part of me saw it as a ticking time clock for the amount of time I have left to photograph outdoors. If I lived in a warmer country I would probably never shoot in a studio at all, but I do love the moments when it is dark outside, and you know you have nowhere else to be but in the warmth of your bed.
Before all of that happens I will be off travelling again briefly. I seem to be unable to keep myself still for more than a few months, always packing up my suitcase to go somewhere. And yet, it never seems enough; sometimes I feel as though my feet have been stapled to the floor and my need to go away somewhere, anywhere becomes unbearable. Since I moved to the city five years ago time seems to rush past me and although I go back home I see my friends from school less and less, and when I do its strange to see how much changes while I am gone, and how much doesn't change at all but I have grown away and have a new life now.