16 November 2011

Lately I have not been pushing myself forward like I hoped, I feel as though I have lost momentum and feeling guilty for my lack of motivation. After becoming a professional photographer over six years ago I have been pushing myself non-stop, juggling clients with university, work experience with test shoots, magazine submissions, agency meetings; there have been many times when I became so mentally exhausted, especially when shoots fall through or things don't quite go to plan. I am a fairly highly strung person by nature, I don't relax easily but lately I seem to have slowed down. I haven't pushed myself to find new clients, to do test shoots and magazine submissions, I have been putting off the list of things I need to do.
But I think its ok, actually I feel quite positive about this, its nice for the first time to slow down a bit and be ok with it, be comfortable for a little while and not worry. I feel a little like I'm going into hibernation this winter, staying indoors wrapped up warm watching TV. I have been shooting a lot of food lately, I find it relaxing, as I don't need to rely on anyone else, and no real organization takes place. I am also trying to push forward with my wedding business as I feel it will give me a lot of freedom to live outside of London.