Sunday, 26 February 2012

I thought I would publish a list I have made through general research for anyone thinking they would like to stop using products and cosmetics tested on animals, perhaps this will help you as the information that is out there can be untrustworthy.
Each company includes a link from where I found the information.

Safe List:

BUAV; the official UK company against animal testing; they work with companies, so unlike Peta their information is trustworthy as I find Peta to be quite sensationalist.
They update regularly so companies are always being added. & (for their official list)
All the companies who work in conjunction with BUAV have the leaping bunny logo on the back - here are just a couple:
Superdrug (good for toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss etc)
Sainsbury (good for household cleaning products, shampoo etc)

Another Useful Website
Barry M
Body Shop


Original Source (I use shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, which has the vegan or bunny stamp on the back.)


Collection 2000





VO5 (Labelled on back on bottle)


Waitross, Asda

Lancome/Shu Uemura: info I found by someone who emailed them;
‘Lancome are owned by L’Oreal who do still test on animals. However I recently contacted L’Oreal about their animal testing policies and they were very honest and informative. They informed me that all their owned companies such as Lancome, Garnier and Shu Uemura all stopped testing their finished products on animals in 1989. L’Oreal continue to test because current laws require them to but as of 2013 all animal testing for cosmetic purposes will be banned across the EU. L’Oreal fund much money into the alternative skin testing methods and only test on animals where the law requires them to. However, Lancome do not test their finished products but that doesn’t mean that the ingredients haven’t been tested by someone else, but it’s like that with a lot of companies, even those who say they are against animal testing.’

Not Safe:
Companies that from general research seem to test, but if someone can find solid information they don’t I will update the list.

Proctor & Gamble or P&G; Herbal Essences, Max Factor, Lenor, Daz, Fairy, Ariel etc
GSK; Sensodyne etc
Lever Brothers
S.C. Johnson; Mr Muscle etc
Reckitt & Colman
Colgate-Palmolive; Colgate etc
Pantene Pro v