7 June 2012

My birthday was a beautiful day, the hottest of the year so far. I woke early from the heat, but lay in bed quietly content until breakfast. Philip went to the bakery and brought me juice and pain au chocolat, then we sat in bed eating. My morning was spent pottering around watering my flower boxes and packing for the weekend ahead. The rest of the day disappeared so fast - we ate sushi and saw puppies in a pet store, we drank and chatted into the night. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep straight away.

The next morning the city had a quiet warmth to it, I felt as though I was traveling somewhere further. I walked soaking up the sun on my skin like a reptile basking. On the train I watched the forests and lakes pass by, trying to figure out where I would live once I was done with the city. I waited until I reached the coast with my small bag of clothes and my camera, that's all I need.