1 October 2012

Irina Millar at Lenis Models
Makeup & Hair: Nadia Altinbas
Styling & Designs: Amanda Brown

The last shoot of summer.

It was a beautifully hot day in London, I had butterflies in my stomach knowing how the shoots I arrange can so easily go wrong - rain, lack of permission, people not turning up or things not turning out how you expected. I felt being in the center of London, so much could go wrong so easily. Everything was so perfect; the weather, the people, the images, I was elated. I felt as though I was in an area of the city where people just expected you to be creative, no one even gave a second look. After I strolled in the warmth towards brick lane to buy a bagel with a smile on my face, I realised I had no money and couldn't find a cash point, so I never did get that bagel, but it was a good day.

Behind Scenes