13 January 2014

Mushrooms & Gnocchi in Sage Butter.
150g exotic mushrooms
200g fresh gnocchi
a sprig of sage
This is a quick and easy meal, seriously yummy, because I ate both bowls in the photograph! You can use any type of mushroom, I love Oyster, they have a delicate taste. For this recipe, I have used Shiro Shimeji, Buna Shimeji and Oyster.
Start by placing the gnocchi in a pot of simmering water with salt and a teaspoon of butter, cook for 3 minutes.
Meanwhile fry the mushrooms for 3 minutes in a little butter and a sprig of sage, broken up into piece. Once the mushrooms have softened remove from heat and place in a bowl with the drained gnocchi. Simple and delicious!
Serves 2