29 January 2014

Since my sister moved away just over 2 years ago, it's been awhile since I have been to visit Cambridge, I forgot how much I love it and how much I would like to move there.

To me it's the beautiful cross over of a pretty little city with cobbled streets and Victorian/Georgian architecture with a country feel to it. It has everything you could need and unlike most places, it's all in walking distance. I love it's relaxed style, its caf├ęs and restaurants, that it has all the shops you need, its daily farmers market, it's great night life and how everyone rides a bike.

We started the day by wandering into the city centre and looking around the farmers market. We ate chocolate and strawberry waffles before heading for a coffee in a nearby cafe. After wandering around admiring the houses and dreaming of where we could live, we shopped, followed by a lovely lunch at a restaurant and then more wandering around. As the sun set we walked past the cathedral and finished our day in a warm cosy local country style pub full of people with a glass of wine and the fire place roaring. Who says January is depressing? So far mine has been charming.