18 April 2014

Homemade Easter Eggs.

Dark, milk & white chocolate melted and placed in silicon egg moulds, one egg dusted with edible bronze powder.
Melt the chocolate in a heat proof dish over simmering water and spoon a couple of teaspoons of chocolate into each egg mould. Use the spoon to smooth around the edges until the chocolate is evenly covering the mould, then refrigerate for an hour. To make the white chocolate egg I just used a spoon to place dots of dark chocolate in the mould and allowed it to cool before gently placing the white chocolate on top. For the marble style eggs, I used two different types of chocolate and gently mix the two colours with a spoon. Once cooled, remove from the egg mould carefully and stick together each side using a little melted chocolate. You can then decorate by dusting eggs with edible bronze powder if you have any. Happy Easter!