12 May 2014

Raspberry, Chocolate & Coconut Macaroons.

80g desiccated coconut
44g caster sugar
57g raspberries
33g white chocolate
1 egg white
couple drops of almond extract
pinch sea salt

In a bowl mix your coconut, sugar and salt with a wooden spoon, then lightly mash your raspberries in another bowl.
Using an electric whisk, beat your egg white in another bowl until white and fluffy, then gently fold into your coconut mix using a wooden spoon.
Melt the chocolate in a dish over simmering water (do not let the dish touch the water.) When the chocolate has completely melted, remove it from the water and fold into the mixture. Lastly, add raspberries and fold into the mix again.
Using a tablespoon divide the mix into 9 spoonfuls and shape using the spoon and your hands into a ball on a lined baking tray. Place in a pre-heated oven at 160C for 15 mins until they have become golden and toasted, before allowing to cool and harden.