21 May 2014

Spicy Feta & CousCous with Sweet Potato Hummus.

75g sweet potato
2tbsp hummus
35g giant wholegrain couscous
35g bulgar wheat
35g chic peas, cooked and drained
15g feta cheese
handful of kale

2tsp rapeseed oil
2tsp red wine vinegar
2tsp lemon juice
1tsp american mustard
pinch of chilli powder
pinch of turmeric
pinch of salt

This recipe idea came from something I saw for sale, I thought I would create my own.
Slice the butternut squash into small chunks and boil until softened. Drain and allow to cool before mashing into the hummus. Meanwhile, place the couscous and bulgar wheat in a pot, put a cup of boiling water on and allow to simmer until cooked for about 10 mins, adding more water as needed until all the water is absorbed. Add the kale and chic peas and stir in. Place the hummus in the centre of the plate and surround it with the couscous & bulgar wheat mix, crumble feta cheese on top. Mix all of your dressing ingredients together in a bowl and pour over.