15 June 2014


I have never been a coffee or tea drinker, but a year ago I discovered a love for fruit teas - a good way to make sure you get the water you need without any sugar or unnatural additives, just good, simple dried fruits and herbs. Eventually I will cover an entry on making your own tea, drying different ingredients and their benefits, but for now I wanted to share my favourites. 

I buy both loose and bagged tea. I have some for the morning, fruity to refresh you and give you energy, a little spice for the day and herbal to wind down at night and help promote good sleep. Not only do a lot of the herbs within the teas have positive effects on the body, but generally being able to take a moment and relax with a warm drink, breathe in the smell whilst the tea cools is a nice thing to do. When I go and sit in a cafe on the weekend I often order a fruit tea, which is where I discovered my favourite: Ginger Snap Peach by Twinings. I am also fond of Twinings fruit selections, a great mixture of berries and other fruits. My favourites are always the darker berries, which I find have better flavour. Whittards of Chelsea also have a nice range of loose fruit teas, for which I put in a metal tea infuser. I have a Herbal Chai & Camomile mix, also a Berry Infusion. Of course a warm tea is wonderful when the summer drifts away and autumn arrives, but at the moment we are arriving at summer and I still love to drink them.