1 June 2014

The Pig, Brockenhurst.
For my birthday my mother took me away to the The Pig in Brockenhurst.
I had first discovered this beautiful hotel when at Hampton Court Flower Show last summer, they had a gorgeous layout within the edible plant tent. My favourite displays of the day were those that could be eaten, giving me ideas for a future garden full of raised wood vegetable beds and grape vine walk ways. The Pigs display contained a little brick path with a table in the centre, rustic features and a wheel barrow with plants in. From then I knew at some point I wanted to stay in their hotel and when my birthday came round, I thought this would be the perfect time to have a few days away. 
I was not disappointed; the decor, the food, the atmosphere was wonderful, almost everything was sourced from within 25miles of the hotel. So much food was grown and raised on their farm or foraged from nearby, with huge well kept gardens with nothing but vegetables & fruit. I loved the little touches, like the essential oil soaps in the bathrooms, my favourite parts though were the gorgeous green house style restaurant and the wood burner where they made fresh flat breads. If you are in the south I would recommend paying a visit to The Pig or any of their other three hotels, you can stop just for lunch or dinner too.