21 July 2014

Raw Orange & Chocolate Mousse.

200ml coconut cream
1tsbp raw cacao powder
1tbsp pure maple syrup
1tsbp orange juice squeezed from an orange
1tsp orange zest

150g dates
50g cashews
pinch of salt

x2 4" flan tins

A nice little dessert that I made at the weekend. No refined sugar, no dairy, paleo friendly (if you substitute the buckwheat flour for coconut flour), vegan friendly, no gluten - I think that covers everyone?
This is similar to my raw avocado ganache but it has a mousse centre. It is not an overly sweet dessert, however if you are not a fan of the bitter-chocolate flavour, add a second tablespoon of maple syrup. 

My go-to base is made by blending the dates, cashews and salt into a doughy sticky ball, then dividing it into two. Press the dough into the bottom and on the sides of the small flan tins. The rest is really simple - put the coconut cream, cacao, maple, orange juice and zest into a bowl, mix with a spoon and then spoon into your cases before freezing for 20 mins or refrigerating for a couple hours. You can decorate the top with cacao nibs, dusting of cacao powder and orange zest.

Makes 2 mini tarts