Thursday, 28 August 2014

I want to share a technique I have been using in-camera for years, as a fashion photographer. I used this style a lot as I consider soft, hazy imagery to be my style when shooting people. Although I don't photograph a lot of fashion these days, I often used a technique I called 'wiggling'. Wiggling only works with prime lens for their ability to reach apertures below f/3. Effectively, you take a small object and shake it in front of the lens whilst taking shots - the results can be quite random and sometimes create a lot of distortion. Any object can be used, my favourite are leaves, pink petals and a CD or crystal to give a rainbow effect. I really loved using this technique especially when I had occasional chances to use it for client work. The first collection above are examples from my portfolio where I had used the technique.

You can experiment artificially within Photoshop too, as I have done in the second collection of images. This involves creating a separate layer and painting areas of your image with the brush tool. You can use different colours or single colour in places and then lower the opacity and/or use 'screen', until you have the desired effect. I have digitally added rainbow effects, layered strips of light, or light leaks.