23 August 2014

Mobile photography processing with the iPhone.

Over two years, mobile photography has gone from something that I never thought about to something I genuinely spend a lot of time and effort planning and doing.
The majority of images I place on my inspiration page are VSCOCam related mobile images and I love seeing what people can do, knowing they are all using the same device to capture the images.

These are my favourite applications for retouching mobile photography:

VSCOCam is my favourite application. I use it for every image I take on my phone as it has many different professional looking filters, I have yet so see another application like it - you can adjust the strength of the filter, contrast, exposure, fade, shadows, skin tones, crop and rotation. I think everyone who likes taking photographs on their phone should have this. They also have their own gallery platform called VSCOGrid, which I use to upload my best mobile photography.

Touch Retouch HD works similar to Photoshop and I use it for cloning areas or taking out marks and blemishes. You can use it to remove small and even medium size objects that you feel distract the eye. It also functions very accurately, so when you remove objects, you're not left with uneven marks in their place.

Snapseed is another great editing tool. I used to use it for my images before I had VSCOCam, it also has a few other functions that VSCOCam does not. You can also use its automatic functions for tuning your images.

Whiteagram is also useful if you are wishing to post no crop images to Photoshop. It retains the full image size whilst adding a white border so you don't need to crop the images square.

Instagram of course is the final stage. I never use Instagram's filters or editing tools, but it is where I post final images.