9 September 2014

A little over a year and a half ago I took up yoga and it has helped influence me in more positive ways, helped me to slow down and become more aware of my health.
I had tried a few different classes before settling into a place i felt comfortable with. I had tried both Bikram and Hatha before finding a little class close to where I live, in the back of a shop and health centre, with a tiny plant covered garden out back. I attended that class for over a year as well as the odd workshop.
You find that yoga helps you in ways you didn't expect, it helped me to discover and start to fix issues i have with my knees due to posture. It helps to calm and remove head aches without pills. Sometimes you feel like it is so gentle it cannot be doing much for your body, but then the next day when all your muscles hurt you realise just how much good it has done.

For inspiration; a collection of peaceful from tumblr.

Some good beginners videos:
Even Strength