Monday, 22 September 2014

Of course, coming up to my favourite season for foraging, it wouldn't be a trip to see my family without a bit of collecting foods for cooking. Currently in season for picking are wild sloes for making gin, rose hips, wild figs (which often don't ripen in this country, however my family live in the hottest part of the country and after such a great summer, they are full and rip ready to eat.) Lastly, we picked a lot of mint growing in the garden to chop up and add to chocolate cupcakes.
The berries are also starting to ripen and soon it will be autumn where you can collect a rich variety of wild hedge fruits and mushrooms. We don't have a farm any more, my mother now lives in a cottage with a tiny garden filled with pots of herbs and flowers, but many of the things I forage can be found by walking around the country and looking at what is growing.