7 October 2014

Lavender & Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream.

Coconut meat from a Thai Coconut
100ml coconut water from a Thai Coconut
80g cashew nuts, soaked in water
2tbsp honey
1tbsn coconut oil
1tsp vanilla extract with seeds
25g dark chocolate, broken up into tiny chunky pieces
pinch of salt

With summer drawing to a close I thought it might be a little late to post a recipe about ice cream, but I really enjoyed this recipe and thought I would give it a little autumnal look. 
The lavender was bought from a local lavender farm near my family home. If you are going to dry and eat your own make sure it is of the edible variety. In my own garden I have a lot of lavender - it is beautiful, there are so many varieties and colour variations and they attract little bees and insects. However, the lavender I have grown is not edible, so I went out and purchased some that was.
To start, the cashews should be soaked overnight in a bowl of water and then drained when ready to use, this will soften them up nicely. Then simply place all of your ingredients in to a food processor (except the chocolate,) and blend until you have a smooth consistency, then stir in the chocolate. Place the mixture in an ice-cream maker or freeze stirring, every 30mins until solid (without stirring, your mixture will crystallise and harden and wont be very nice. The more it is stirred, the smoother it will be, this is why an ice cream maker is good.)