26 April 2015


What a difference a year can make. A year ago I was freelancing but feeling trapped, I had given up fashion creatively, but I was still shooting for the same fashion clients that I had been working with since I was in school. I was cooking at home and knew I wanted to be a food photographer, but was clueless on how to approach the field. A year later and I feel like I am really running my own business, shooting restaurant spaces and food, hating days off because I would rather be working. Taking that leap to leave my old situation and commit 100% to my future plan really was the best thing I could have done. The work I have been doing recently has been such a joy and the added bonus of being able to eat the wonderful food afterwards combines my two favourite things, photographing and eating.

In related news, after a long search I have found a literary agent in New York for my cook book, so we are hoping to find a publisher soon. My Aunt, who is an amazing writer, has written a beautiful piece on the cookbook written by my mother and I. Please do have a read.