30 May 2015

Client; Deliveroo PR Photoshoot, Behind the Scenes.

It was the first time in a while that I had been part of such a big shoot. It reminded me of my fashion photography days, when shoots would consist of lots of models plus hair and make-up artists and people who were running around fetching equipment and steaming clothes. I find often when working in food photography, that shoots are much tighter, a chef, a stylist or director and myself. There was eleven of us in total, some from Deliveroo, others from the agency organising the shoot. Ashley Kay Gifford, a wonderful make-up artist I have worked with for many years and four lifestyle models, as well as more food than I have ever seen used on a shoot before. I had a lot of involvement in the pre-shoot organisation and we chose a beautiful Victorian London house as our location. I found the shoot both challenging and wonderfully exciting and although the final images won’t be ready to show for a while, I wanted to share behind the scenes.

Food Styling by myself & Deliveroo.