Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Alchemy Natural Review: Tropic Skin Care.

One day during a phone call to my mum, she told me about an at home beauty evening she had attended on the Tropic range.

Tropic Skin Care was developed by Susan Ma by hand and originally sold in Greenwich market, London. Later she appeared on The Apprentice and partnered with Alan Sugar to launch the company. Tropic Skin Care is delivered from 100% pure plant extracts and is naturally effective on all skin types, they are against animal testing and vegan approved. They also try to use recycled packaging and sustainable ingredients in all of their products.

My mother decided to host her own evening, there were eight of us. Our tropic advisor told us about the Tropic Skin Care range, both my mother and I volunteered to have the products tried out on us. We had a facial with all the toners and creams, before having our make-up done. The girls were lovely and helpful, they let us try out any of the products we were interested in. Hosting the evening was fun and informal, no one was obligated to buy anything, but everyone did and for those purchases my mother was given credit she could use to buy more of their products (which she did).

With my birthday coming up my family bought me a couple of items and I bought some for myself too. I opted to try out their Pure Effects Beauty Booster Foundation in Light Medium £20, Silk Lip Liner Stripped £14, Sculpting Palette in Coral Blush £24, Mineral Eye Shadow Palette in Wilderness £18 and Smoothing Cleanser with Organic Bamboo Face Cloth £15.

The cost is very similar to Lavera, however I have been less satisfied with some of the Lavera products recently, such as sunscreen and lip liner. I found the application and colour to be poor. Even with their eyeliner and mascara, although good, was not the same as using a regular brand - I felt like I had to lower my expectations when using natural brands. This is not the case with Tropic, when you use their make-up it doesn't feel like a compromise in quality to use a natural, organic brand.  It apples well, the colour is strong and it has good staying power.

I loved the lip liner, I don't use lip liner with lipstick, but rather just to add a little fullness to my lips and this was the perfect colour for that! From the moment I tried it I knew, this is a product that will be staying in my make-up bag for good! I also loved The Bamboo face cloth, it is so soft and seems to work like microfibre so you don't need to use it with any liquid to remove your make up. it is gentler on your face than a standard flannel, in fact it's great to use, just for general face ex-foliation at the end of the day, even if you are not wearing make-up.
The eye shadows have four different colour ranges, I chose the gold and greens as those are the types of colours I have always used. The bronzing contour kit is great, even if I can't remember exactly how to apply it from the demonstration and the smoothing cleanser smells so good, I use it with the face cloth to remove the make-up at the end of the day. I liked the foundation too - my skin is very pale and it took a little time for me to get used to the slight tanned look it gave me, although this was a natural look, perfect for summer and not at all orange!
I would like to mention though, both my mother and sister had problems with the make up, my sister was allergic to the eyeliner and my mother to the mascara. It is supposed to be hypo-allergenic, but they are sensitive to a lot of make up brands.

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