Monday, 1 June 2015

Client; Deliveroo

The day after my Deliveroo PR photoshoot, I was photographing restaurants for them again, six in total. I had taken a lot of equipment with me the day before and my muscles burned, I had red marks across my hands, a sharp twinge in my shoulder blade and my feet were swollen with a tingly, numb feeling. I thought of the people who had emailed me from time to time asking to assist and why I didn’t contact them to use their help, why I still choose to lug my equipment around on public transport and caused myself such body ache. The night of the PR shoot, I fell asleep completely exhausted. The next morning when I awoke my body was stiff, I strapped my heavy camera bag to my back, excited to start again. In a funny way I liked the dull ache and numb feeling, it reminded me of how much I am doing at the moment and how my body will keep getting stronger.

That day I walked around central London from restaurant to restaurant in the sunshine enjoying a city I seem to see so little of. I saw two chains of restaurants along my way who had contacted me in recent months, enquiring about shootings and telling me they loved my work, it gave me a giddy buzz I had never felt so strongly before. It may have taken me some time to discover it, but food is my calling.