Sunday, 19 July 2015

Just The Essentials.
I am not a girl who enjoys owning a lot of excess. I stick to the fewer, simpler things motto - This works well for me because I cannot focus properly around clutter. I like to apply this motto to my makeup too; if I cannot fit everything in my makeup bag, then I think there is too much, not to mention laziness means I always prefer a quick natural face routine. 
On my face I use my homemade oil based moisturiser - the recipe for which can be found on and at the end of the day I use Tropic Smoothing Cleanser with Organic Bamboo Face Cloth; it removes makeup and dirt easily without having to scrub at your face with a wet wipe. 
If I am keeping my makeup minimal I usually opt for Lavera Mascara in Black (which has lasted me a year and half wearing it everyday) and some Tropic Sculpting Palette in Coral Blush on my cheek bones. 
I have talked a little on my blog about my side project, Alchemy Natural and how I have been using organic natural makeup. Tropic Pure Effects Beauty Booster is a great foundation, I don’t wear it everyday instead keeping it for evenings out. I also love my Tropic Silk Lip Liner Stripped and Lavera Eyeliner in Black.  
Lately my favourite place to shop has become Muji. I love their style so I bought myself some beauty implements i.e. toothbrush, cotton buds and tweezers, from their store in central London. I only own three nails polishes but my favourite one of is Velvet Touch by Rimmel, it is a matte grey colour and I use it all the time so it always stays in my makeup bag. Lastly I have been using my homemade oil based fragrance ‘Wild Grass’ which I will be launching soon on my Natural Living blog.
For more natural living recipes & reviews, please see my other project Alchemy Natural.