29 March 2016

(Written nine months ago)
For a while I had wanted to share photographs of my favourite place on earth, my home. We live in a two bedroom Victorian apartment in West London. When we first moved in, the house itself was still being converted to 4 apartments by Philip’s father. It took some time and we have remained here for the past seven years. Over those years we have shared it with a few foster animals too and at the moment, we have two lovely Ragdoll cats; Enzo & Diablo. We enjoy having friends over for wine and conversation, as well as walking around the beautiful neighbourhood and going to the local farmers market.

All of the furniture we have has taken us quite a few years to accumulate, picking out pieces that we really loved rather than buying everything at once. I am I fan of mushroom and blue-grey colours so my eye is often draw to furniture and paint in those colours. Our bedroom is painted ‘Dusted Fondant’, our living room ‘French Grey’ & guest room ’Chic Shadow’, all by Dulux. My favourite piece is the hand painted screen by Steven Shell we have in our living room. I also really love our side table and media unit by Swoon Editions. Neither of us like clutter, we try to keep our home minimalistic without being empty and un-homely, but being a food photographer means I have acquired a few kitchen props so the few kitchen cupboards we have are packed full. I do love my collection of wooden chopping boards though and they all get used a lot, as one of our favourite things to do is cook at home. I recently bought a new bed from Muji and I seem to have become a hoarder of bedding, especially linen. There are parts of our home that need a fix up, cracks that need painting, things that need touching up, but we always love being here.