27 June 2016

A Weekend in London.
Having spent the last ten years in London, I don’t often look at it in the same way as I would a city I was visiting whilst travelling.
I wanted to take a series of photographs from the view of visiting London and share elements of my favourite parts. If you are just in London for a weekend, this is what I would recommend.
A Saturday in central London, starting in Borough Market for food, then travel towards Soho for a doughnut or frozen yoghurt. From there move on to Carnaby Street, Liberty of London & Aesop for shopping, then finally up to Chiltern Street to the Monocle Cafe & Marylebone to Daunt Books. A Sunday in East London, starting early to catch Columbia Road Flower Market, stopping in NKORA cafe in Shoreditch before making your way towards Brick Lane and Labor & Wait, ending the afternoon in a local pub.