1 June 2017

Cricket Protein Balls.

6 dates
30g cashews or walnuts
3tsp raw cacao
4tsp coconut oil
4tsp coconut flour
2tsp cricket flour
1/4 apple
20g dried cranberries
ground almonds
pinch of sea salt

This was a bit of an experiment on my part; I have been fascinated for a while about the future of meat eating and the idea of consuming insects for protein especially in countries where meat in unaffordable. At the moment, the cricket powder is more expensive than meat, however it sat better with my morals, so I wanted to try making this and I was really pleased with the results, they were delicious.

First blend the dates and nuts together until finely chopped into a doughy mixture, then add all of the powders and oil and blend together again until well mixed. By hand, chop the apple into small chunk and using your hands mix the apple and dried cranberries into the dough before dividing into six equal parts and roll into a ball using your hands. Lastly pour out some ground almonds and a pinch of salt onto a flat surface and roll the balls around to evenly coat the surface. Refrigerate for 2 hours until they have hardened.